What is the function of radiator coolant?

It must have the function like the names, that is to make the radiator cooler, but is it enough that the certain water can make the radiator cooler? The answer is no, why is it happened?

  1. The boiled water tends to react with metal; therefore, if the radiator is not given radiator coolant often makes the color of the water becomes yellow (iron solution). Then, it decreased the water’s pH becomes acid and the radiator will destroy quickly.
  2. The water which is not pure often consist metal that caused crust, then stop the radiator canal and affected the machine overheating.
  3. Water has low evaporation spot, only 100 C. Meanwhile the machine temperature until 140 C. Therefore, if we use water for radiator, thus the water inside the radiator will decrease quickly.

So, radiator coolant is much recommended for radiator of your car.

To choose the right radiator coolant below are some ways:

  1. The pH is not too acid, because it will make the radiator destroyed quickly (neutral pH is 7-8)
  2. Boiled the water for 1 hour, the right radiator will evaporate fewer than usual water.
  3. The thick water does not mean that it has high concentrate
  4. The solution must be watery in any condition
  5. Radiator coolant must have low freezing-point especially for car in Europe

So, always use Radiator coolant 47 that has the whole radiators that you need are, long lasting radiator and machine, and your pocket will be safe.