The most interesting thing from product is that we have Star Cleaner / Soap Cleaner (magic liquid to move the spot in wash basin, porcelain, bathroom (from chlorine), black spot, until white spot). It is a hard work to move chlorine, black spot, or white spot in ceramic or porcelain or metal tap and other things; usually it used “batu apung” to clean. With Star Cleaner / Soap Cleaner, it is not a hard work again. Look at the picture; give Soap Cleaner (our product) on a dirty wash basin, then put a dry napkin to clean it. No more than 10 seconds, the wash basin became clean again like the new one.

Then, from this information, we try to apply it on the metal, a spotted tap with chlorine that is not cleaned for a long time. Usually we used washing soap to clean it, but after the tap dried, the spotted is appeared again. With Star Cleaner / Soap Cleaner, your porcelains become new again in 10 seconds.