Linen in our place is lusterless, how to solve it?

The lusterless linen is caused by three reasons:

  1. The material was destroyed
  2. The material consist too much chemical deposit
  3. The washing process is not going on carefully
  4. The washing water consist of precipitate metal like iron

If the problem is number one, the solving method is easy, you must go to te store and get the new one. But, if the problem is like the number one, how to solve it?
We are from 47 have the solution to solve this problem, use Milenium Bright White 47, it is created to put away the chemical deposit in the clothes because the using of softener, the water that consist of metal and because the rinse process that is not going on perfectly.

Millenium Bright White 47 is very effective and efficient to put away the dirt residue from your linen. How is it going?

Millenium Bright White 47 can dissolve the chemical deposit strongly, such as metal, softerner, dor other material that is usually used in the finsihing of washing process.