My floor is poured the oil, how to solve it?

If I use soap, it increases the slippery level. If I use usual floor cleaner, I must use it frequently. It is very hard to do.

Don’t be worry! We have the solution.

Use Kitchen floor Cleaner  47, it is very efective to put away the residue of fat and oil in the floor of your kitchen, meanwhile it can be used to make your stove, kitchen wall, shink , etc cleaner.

Kitchen Floor Cleaner 47 consist of disinfectant, it makes your kitchen free from the germ.

Kitchen Floor Cleaner 47 is safe to use and do not destroy the email layer in your floor, and porcelain.

Kitchen floor Cleaner 47 is very easy to use, syringe to the slippery part which is full of oil, then clean it with the dry cloth. The result is the surface will be clean, free from germ. Clean, practical and Free from Germ.