Builder 47 is formulated to clean alkaline situation and help washing process in order to take place carefully, quicker and more efficient. How is it going?

Generally, builder/alkaline that is sold in the market only consist of alkaline which does not give any benefit. It is different with what is sold by 47.

Builder 47conssit of 2 enzyme protease and amylase, both of them help each other in order to make the washing process is going on carefully. Alkaline situation make the enzyme works maximally; so, the using of alkaline in the builder 47 has purpose.

In other word, what is the function of car if no one can drive it? It means that you use your money too over. Amylase and protease enzymes will dissolve the dirt to be the small particle; therefore, the certain dirt dissolve in the water (disperse). That dirt then is stopped by essence in detergent 47; it does not adhere again and easy to be thrown in rinse time.

Beside, Bulider 47 consist of optical brightening agent, which has function to make the color of your clothes brighter.

The material of Bulider 47 is natural, so it can be recycled by the nature.

Thus, the combination of detergent 47 with Builder 47 is the right combination to make your washing process better, quicker, and more efficient; therefore, your clothes become cleaner.