Pabrik Deterjen

PT. Anugrah Mulia Lestari was established in Bandung. It has been manufacturing and selling chemical product for textile, laundry, detergent / deterjen and household product. Our company has been trusted to supply chemical and household product for one to five star hotels, hospitals, Laundries, Textile factory, Garment wash, Chemical supplier, and also chemical shop in Indonesia.

Customer Satisfaction first is basic attitude of PT. Anugrah Mulia Lestari

PT Augrah Mulia Lestari has constant activities concerning chemical product and research, development, production and sale, mainly chemicals used in textile processing, Laundry, Housekeeping Chemical.

Our basic attitude is described in expression  “CUSTOMER STATISFACTION FRIST”
With our strong team work, with experienced and our motto  “QUALITY FRIST, COST REDUCTION and R&D EFFORTS”
We hope to contribute technical improvement and competitiveness enhancement of Chemical of World


All our customers are our business partners.
We are happy to see that we can walking together.
We only sell products which are beneficial for you.
Our professional staff will always be ready to give you all best services.
Our Professional R&D always work hard in developing new products to fulfill your needs.
We always open hands to your input of our products and help you to overcome your problems.
Your Satisfaction is our concern please contact us any time you need help.
Our long experience tell us  “WE KNOW HOW TO SERVE YOU BEST”

We qualified technical staff and advanced research equipments
We are working our primary goals such as development of various products which meet our customers need and providing prompt technical services. We also can make special product for our customers as well as they need with minimum quantity.


All of our product are under the brand name 47 (FOUR SEVEN)
We have Five categories Products

Laundry Chemical Detergent /Deterjen

Bleaching chemical
Builder (alkaline)
Neutralizer (sour)
Spotting Agent (Rust gone, Oil remover, Ink Remover)
Hygenic agent
Complete Laundry Liquid
Complete Laundry neutralize

House Hold 
Glass cleaner 
Floor cleaner 
Air Fresheners
Hand Soap
Toilet bowl Cleaner
Carpet Shampoo
Rush Inhibitor
Furniture Glow
Carpet Shampoo
Multi Purpose Cleaner

Automotive Chemical
Radiator Coolant
Radiator Cleaner
Car Shampoo
Engine Cleaner
Silicone Emulsion
Rust Inhibitor
Wiper Fluid

Chafing fuel / Sterno
Grease Remover
Kitchen Floor Cleaner
Dish Wash
Dish Soap (for dishwashing machine)
Dish Dryer (for dishwashing machine)
Magic Powder (Multipurpose Cleaner)

Textile Industry
Disperse dyes
Reactive dyes
Scouring Agent 
Chelating Agent
Sequestering Agent 
Oxidation Powder
Soaping Agent
Dispersing Agent
Leveling Agent
Finishing Agent
Machine Cleaning Agent