The laundry managing must be included some requirements below: RIGHT labor managing
The right labor managing and consistent means that the labor must not be changed frequently, because 50% the successfully of a laundry process depends on the labor. The right labor must have:

  1. The knowledge about the washing way / laundry
  2. The knowledge about the right chemical laundry
  3. The knowledge about the managing of laundry time
  4. The knowledge about customer (human relation)
  5. The knowledge about the material that will be bashed in laundry
  6. The knowledge about the right fee managing

The right money fee managing makes the laundry will more popular, because it will arrange the competition with the competitor, because there is a law that is valid in the real market: “The better quality, it will get better appreciation”
It means that quality is important; the price must be arranged properly. The quality here included service quality, the result of washing process quality, human relation quality, etc.

Distinct Market Target
The market target is the key of the successfully a laundry. If the target is student, the laundry must be counted per kilogram. If the target is institute, the laundry must be arranged as linen laundry. And the last, if the target is class of high class market, the laundry must be arranged as commercial laundry. Therefore, we were born as professional that produce many famous laundries, to give the best training through the best tools and infrastructure.