How to be economized the buying of bed sheet in hotel (white cloth that is used as the cover of bed)?

Based from, , the color of bed sheet in the hotel is not white again because it is too old. We ask to the hotel keeping, they said that the bed sheet changing was waiting the request from the management. Usually, the hotel management would say that the changing of bed sheet was waiting until 6 months. Then, we showed that the bed sheet on the 3rd month is not good again in performance. What should they do?

The way to defend the bed sheet in order to keep the condition is by using detergent. Use detergent that consist little filler and has good washing capacity. Do the experiment with betadin liquid and detergent A liquid (

How many spoon of detergent A liquid can neutralize betadin until it has clear color?

Detergent B liquid only needs 2 spoons to make betadin color become clear. Having detergent with good quality can keep the bed sheet like the management of hotel wants.