Laundry is a business that is well known nowadays, but is it true that laundry gives us any advantages? Some people believe that it is a good business, but the other assume that it is a bad business because makes them bankrupt. It depends on the management of the business. For instance, they are many fruit sellers in the market, but just only little seller that sells well. Why? There are many factors to solve the problem of fruit sellers above. Please visit our website in to obtain many information about this business, since we held seminar and training about it once a month. Below are the things that must be aware:

  • The base of Laundry Technique

            Included the base knowledge about laundry, about textile fiber

  • Laundry management

            SDM management, production management, marketing management

  • Spot Omission Technique

            The base knowledge about the spot, chemical, and spot omission technique

  • The laundry machine choosing Technique

            Included how to choose the washing machine

  • Dry cleaning technique without special machine

Included the base knowledge about dry cleaning, the principle of dry cleaning, and dry cleaning technique without machine
The participant will obtain

  • Soft copy of the material
  • Certificate