There are many kinds of detergent, but the most interesting is how to prove that detergent A is better than B. We try to pour half of spoon detergent inside water when we held product demo in Bandung. The picture is below:

Detergent A is poured into glass A, it is detergent that consist of many fillers (it can not be stirred well in the water), meanwhile detergent B is stirred well in the water. It is the evidence that detergent that consist of many fillers is not good kind of detergent, such as detergent A (it is found in small shop and hypermart). Then, we pour half of spoon detergent B ffrom our factory. Next, each of detergent A and B liquid solution inside the glass is poured into small glass called A1 and B1. Each of A1 and B1 is poured 5 drops of liquid betadin and be dissolved with water. The color of liquid solution inside both of small glasses are changed become tea color. What next?

We pour spoon by spoon of liquid solution in glass A to glass A1 (can be looked from the video). After the 13th spoon, the water inside A1 becomes clear. How about the glass B that consist of detergent B + water. After the second spoon, the water inside B1 becomes clear soon (can be looked from the video).

This experiment proved that detergent B is better than B. Detergent A is a famous merk and easily found in many small shops and hypernmart, it consists of many fillers and the soluble capacity is low.