Dry clean is washing activity, but do not use water as the media. Then, how is it used?

The method is by put the clothes in a room that is filled by solvent, a chemical essence that can dissolve the dirt, then it makes the dirt becomes dry and detached from the clothes because the friction from the machine and finally, the clothes become clean. Then, it is dried with hot air.

Then, how the way to have drt clean with low cost without expensive investation?

The lowest price of ’dry  clean’ 15 kg is 450 milllion rupiah every unit. For the second hand is 50 million rupiah, but it has many problems. I have laundry and want to have dry clean, but I don’t wanna buy dry clean machine, can I do that?

Absulotely it is still can. Do you want to know the manner?

’Dry Clean’ machine is only used for dry clean, it cannot be used to other. Nowadays, there is a special technique to work with dry clean without using dry clean, but the result is same with dry clean. It means that the profit with cheap investation.