Based on the physical shape, detergent or usually is called washing soap can be divided into 3 groups, such as:

  • Liquid soap
  • Cream soap
  • Powder soap (detergent)

Substantively, what is the difference between liquid, cream and powder soap (detergent)?

  • Liquid Soap
    It is created to make the washing activity more practical, because the type of this certain soap has some superiority; such it needs short time to soluble, therefore the washing process is going on perfectly.
  • Cream Soap
    It is created to make the washing activity more practical, because the type of this certain soap is not spilled easily. Usually, this type is added with filler essence like talcum powder and often precipitated in the soluble process; therefore it is advised only used in manual washing.
  • Powder Soap (detergent)
    It is created to give concentrate impression (high concentrate). This kind of washing soap is generally used to wash the cloth; because, beside it is more practical, it is also has concentrate impression, is it right?

Usually, we confuse how to choose the right detergent. It is easy, below are some tips to solve certain problem:

  • If we wash the cloth with washing machine
    Please find out detergent | detergen  that has low foam like detergen matic 47 or one shoot detergent 47, because this type of detergent take away the the dirt from the cloth, then break it becomes small particel, therefore the dirt is dissolved in the water. This particel is added with small particel envelopment which is same with the cloth, therefore the colour of the cloth is not changed.
    Please find out detergent | detergen with low filler essence like Product Detergent 47 that always high quality. The way to recognize is it has high or low concentrate is by taking 1 tablespoon detergent, then put it into 200 ml water and stir until 1 minute. If the detergent has low concentrare, it does not precipitate, meanwhile detergent with high concentrate will precipitate in the foundation of the washing machine and make it broken quickly.
  • If we wash the cloth with our hand (manual)
    Please find out detergent | detergen  with moderate foam, but has extra washing power like Detergent ECO3200, because detergent with moderate foam will accelerate your washing activity. The way to recognize this certain detergent is by put your cloth and detergent in water for 2 hours, then put the water inside with glass, if the water changes from clear becomes contain of dirt, it means that the certain detergent | detergen has extra washing power.
    Please find out the detergent that has low filler essence , because the filler of detergent | detergen usually contains of essence that makes the cloth has bad smell.