Bleach is a something that makes the color brighter; it is usually called pemutih, because it is often tested in white color. The kinds of bleach:
Based on the reaction, bleach can be divided into two groups:

  1. Oxidation reaction Bleach
  2. Reduction reaction Bleach

Both of them have superiority and deficiency.

  1. Oxidation reaction
    The superiority of oxidation reaction does not destroy the fibrous, the reaction is going on longer; so, it needs long time and high temperature than unstabil reduction reaaction when the saving process is happen. Oxygen Bleach 47 has stabile and long lasting oxygen bleach in saving process, moreover if it is added with enzyme, the process will be going on perfectly.
  2. Reduction reaction
    The superiority of reduction reaction is it works quickly; it is an effective process to make a cloth brighter. But, because it has quick reaction, the reduction reaction destroys the color of the cloth precisely and increases the fibrous destroying. Example: The chlorine reaction without stabilizer.
    It is different with general Bleach that is offered by 47, though it is also has same reaction in reduction way, but Chlor Bleach 47 does not destroy the fibrous (though both of them destroy the color). It has strong stabilization substance; therefore the Bleaching process can be controlled rightly. Beside, Chlor bleach 47 consist of enzime that can help the washing process is going on. Always use Chlor Bleach 47 to bleaching process of your white cloth.